RR “Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole: Knowledge, Reality, and the Pit of Skepticism” and watch “The Kid” from The Animatrix

To be honest, if something like this had happened to me I would be in complete shock.  In showcasing my skepticism, I would’ve always known that there could’ve been this other world besides this supposed “reality” that I’m living in, but I never would have thought that “I” would have been the one to discover this other world.  I would probably question, “Why me? Why not someone else? What makes me so special?”  Also, if something this big were to be thrown onto my shoulders, I would honestly be kind of scared.  If there was something that could change the fate of the world as we know it and if I were the one to be responsible for this change, I would be extremely nervous.  However, I would be up for the task.  As regretful as I may feel afterwards, I would risk everything I know and love to be able to know if this reality is real or not.  Because if it’s not real, then in true “reality” I’ve lost nothing, but instead gained a sense a realism.


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